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How to Clean Mink Lashes for Reuse

Minki Lashes can be used 25 times if you take good care of them and their royally shaggy curl! Follow the easy instructions in this step-by-step tutorial on how to clean mink lashes for reuse!

Step 1

How to Remove Mink Lashes Step 1

After washing your hands with fragrance-free and paraben-free soap or cleanser, use a Q-tip dabbed in water or water-based makeup remover over the lash band to help loosen the lash glue [optional]. Allow it to soak for several seconds.

Step 2

How to Remove Minki Lashes Safely

With the lash glue loosened, the false eyelashes should now be relatively easy to peel off. Take a corner of the lash band and gently pull off the lash strip. Do not pull by the mink hairs as to avoid accidentally ripping the individual mink lash strands off the handmade lash band. Peel off gently to avoid damaging your own lashes.

Step 3

How to Clean Mink Lashes

This next step on how to clean mink lashes for reuse will help you preserve the natural-looking shaggy curl of the mink lash tips. Place the eyelash onto your index finger so that the lash tips wrap around it as to maintain their curl.

Step 4

Clean Mink Lashes for Reuse

Use tweezers to carefully remove large glue residue from both back and front sides of the lash band. Use your fingernail to gently scrape off the remaining smaller pieces of glue from the lash band downward onto your index finger.

Step 5

Washing Mink Lashes for Reuse

This step on how to clean mink lashes for reuse requires your attention. Carefully rinse the lash band with water. Try not to get any water on the mink eyelash tips as to help preserve the lash curl. Using a wet Q tip will help prevent extra water from accidentally getting on the shaggy mink lash tips.

Step 6

How to Store Mink Lashes for Reuse

Place the strip lash on its original Minki Lashes tray for reshaping and continuous wear. Keep the Minki Lashes box closed to prevent bacteria and dust from settling on your luxurious false eyelashes.

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Do You Apply Minki Lashes Correctly?

Accidentally dropped your Minki Lashes on the dirty floor or need an emergency wash?

While you should be careful when applying, removing and cleaning your luxurious Minki Lashes as to preserve the shaggy mink lash tips and curl, there may be situations when you need an emergency SOS wash. You can (at your own risk!) wash the entire mink lash strip to get rid of dust and bacteria instead of throwing it out! Start by following the steps 1 through 4 in the how to clean mink lashes instructions listed above, and continue with the 3 remaining steps outlined below:

Step 5a

Washing Mink Eyelashes

What differentiates this step from the one on how to clean mink lashes with the lash tips intact, is that you will be rinsing the entire lash strip including the lash band and the shaggy mink fur tips. Quickly rinse the lash strip with water and a bit of soap (hypoallergenic & fragrance-free) if you want to clean the lash band thoroughly. Do not get any soap on the mink fur tips or soak.

Step 6a

How to Blow Dry Mink Lashes

Exercise caution with this step on how to clean mink lashes entirely. Set your blow dryer on cool temperature and blow dry only the mink fur lash tips facing down on your index finger. Do not blow dry on regular high heat temperature to avoid accidental burns.

Step 7a

How to Store Siberian Mink Eyelashes

The last step on how to clean mink lashes by rinsing and drying the entire lash strip, is to properly store them in their Minki Lashes box. Placing the mink lash strips on the Minki Lashes tray and closing the box will keep dust and bacteria away and will reshape the mink lashes for future reuse.

Use the SOS trick on how to clean mink lashes by rinsing the entire strip lash vs only the tips, at your own risk.

Because luxurious real mink lashes tend to lose their curl when coming in contact with a lot of water, Minki Lashes does not provide any guarantee of longevity (i.e. 25 uses) in the case of washing the entire lash strip.

However, if you are very gentle and careful with how to clean mink lashes from top to bottom, you should be successful with continuing to reuse them.

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