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How to Put on Eyelashes Like a Minki Lashes Queen?

How to Put on Eyelashes by Minki Lashes

I used the #RoyalSinner (High-Class) lash style to demonstrate the easy process of how to put on eyelashes like a Minki Lashes queen.

1. Prep the Minki Lashes

Unpack. Before I get to how to put on eyelashes like a Minki Lashes queen, we need to carefully remove the Minki lash strips from their storing and reshaping tray. Gently peel off your natural looking false eyelashes by their cotton base bands on each side. Do not pull on the actual fur strands. Remember that reusable Minki Lashes are luxuriously delicate and should be handled with care to ensure their durability.

Measure. Hold one real mink eyelash strip against your eyelid and measure the approximate required length as relevant to your own lash line. The band of your natural looking false eyelashes should be about 75 percent of your own lash line length.

Trim. If your best fake lashes’ band is too long (most likely!), then snip the extra piece cautiously from the outer corner using small scissors. (In some cases when you want more volume on your outer eyelashes, you may want to trim from the inner corner instead). Now place the second real mink eyelash strip under your trimmed one, and shorten it to the same length.

2. Define Your Own Lashes

The next step to how to put on eyelashes like a Minki Lashes royalty is defining your own eyelashes.

Straight lashes? If you need an extra lift to your straight eyelashes, use a heated eyelash curler or a clamp type of a curler if your lashes are stubborn.

Blonde or brown lashes? If your own eyelashes are blonde or of a noticeably lighter shade than black, put a thin coat of a water-based, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic black mascara on your upper eyelashes with a separating or uplifting brush. DON’T: use a volumizing, thickening or older clumpy mascara. WHY? To avoid mascara smudges under your soon-to-be royalty-worthy eye makeup and adding unnecessary extra weight to your eyelids. Get the list of 10 safer organic mascara options that I recommend for under your best fake lashes here.

Eyeliner, take one! Now is the time to put on some black eyeliner along your upper lid. Trace a line along your lash line where the Siberian mink lashes will be placed, with its thickness depending on your eye shape recommendations and on how dramatic or natural you would like your overall eye makeup to be.

3. Dab on the Glue!

Now comes the sticky part of how to put on eyelashes like a Minki Lashes queen.

Befriend your tweezers! Lift and hold the middle of one natural looking false eyelashes strip by its fur strands with cosmetic tweezers, an eyelash applicator or your finger tips (if you’re a seasoned reusable fake eyelashes user). Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue along the base line of the lash band. Using tweezers will give you more control and prevent your fingers from sticking to the real mink fur strands.

Spread that goo! You can use the tip of a toothpick or even a thin eye makeup brush to dip into and spread the eyelash adhesive if you are using a squeeze-type of strip lashes glue. I use brush-on eyelash adhesive that already comes with a convenient brush.

Cover the bottom edge of the real mink eyelash band that will come in contact with your eyelid first, more on the inner and outer corners, and then a bit on the upper edge of the lash band. We’ll need a bit of adhesive there for the old Hollywood trick in #7.

Count those seconds! Now that the eyelash glue settles in as a continuous and uniform yet very thin line, wait 30 to 50 seconds for the glue to absorb into the lash band, change colour (white colored lash glue turns clear) and become tacky. You can also blow on the eyelash glue for a few seconds to speed up the drying time.

4. The Royal Application Trick

Center to center!  Look down into the mirror placed beneath your face with your eye half way closed. Place the tweezers or your lash applicator holding the mink lash strip onto your eyelid lash line  right above your own eyelashes as close to your natural lash line as possible. Placing the approximate middle of the Minki Lashes strip onto the center of your eyelid is a tested out tip on how to put on eyelashes more effectively by making it easier to shift the lash band if necessary. Also, be careful as to not get any eyelash glue onto your own lashes as to avoid accidentally ripping them out when removing the falsies.

Adjust! Be quick to gently shift the lash to the right position (left/right/closer to the lash line) if necessary to avoid having to re-apply the adhesive if the tacky glue dries up before you finalize the lash placement.

5. Set the Lashes in Place

Now that you know how to put on eyelashes on your lash line, lets secure them in place!

If the lash band has taken the right position and does not requires any more adjustments, gently press it into the base of the Siberian mink lashes, starting with the inside of the eye working your way to the outer corner. Keep applying pressure against the lash base with your fingers or even a heated eyelash curler (like I do) until the eyelash glue is set and your best fake lashes are fully secure on the eyelid without coming off in any spots (especially inner and outer corners).

6. Blend!

The process of how to put on eyelashes is never complete without a proper blending technique!

Blend, take one! Using the fingertips of your pointer finger and thumb, gently pinch your mink fur lashes and real eyelashes together so that they fuse as to avoid a noticeable gap.

The Old Hollywood Trick. Want to know the special and super easy movie star trick of how to put on eyelashes like Hollywood royalty did ever since the 1950’s and that is still used today by celebrity make up artists? Here it is:

Take an eye pencil or an eye makeup brush with a rounded handle and roll it from the top of your eyelid (below your eyebrow) downward onto your Minki Lashes strip, with the skin folding over the top line of the lash band. This will create an even more natural appearance to your eyes as your natural false eyelashes will look like they are virtually growing out of your eyes with the rest of your own fringe.

Blend, Take Two! Once your Siberian mink lashes are well secured on your eyelids, use a heated eyelash curler to blend your natural looking false eyelashes with your own natural eyelashes one last time to make them look even more real, and to give your new lash combo an extra “oomph”. Carefully press on your own lashes from underneath your new best fake lashes using an upward motion (as though you are using a mascara).

7. Fill in the Gaps & Perfect!

Now that you know the basics of how to put on eyelashes like royalty, these last perfecting touch-ups will set you apart from the rest of “commoners” in your kingdom ;):

If you see any spaces between your real and natural looking false eyelashes, fill in the gaps with liquid eyeliner or a black eye pencil to help them look more seamless.

Liner, take two! If needed, add another round of eyeliner (thickness according to your needs) along the mink fur lash line to mask any tiny glue residue.

***Repeat steps 3 to 7 for your second real mink eyelash strip.