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Minki Lashes FAQ – All About Real Mink False Eyelashes!

Your Royal Lashness, below are the answers to some of the most common questions about real mink false eyelashes before or after purchasing your Minki Lashes. And remember, you have several ways to get assistance. Contact me directly via the contact page or post your question on Facebook or Twitter, and I will get back to you ASAP!

FAQ about Minki Lashes
What is the difference between Classic and High-Class types of Minki Lashes??

Classic and High-Class eyelashes are essentially the same style of Minki Lashes offered in 2 different lengths. The Classic type features a standard or most common length of mink false eyelashes (about 12 mm for the longest strand). The High Class type is slightly longer (about 15 mm) and perfect for those who desire a more dramatic effect or for those with larger eyes. Minki Lashes is the proud unique creator of same style-2 lengths type of mink false eyelashes

How long do Minki Lashes last??

With proper application, removal and gentle care, Minki Lashes will last up to 25 wears! Some of my extra caring Minkiholics reported being able to reuse their luxurious mink false eyelashes over 30 times!

I have sensitive eyes. Can I still use Minki Lashes??

Minki Lashes are hypoallergenic. They are made of 100% authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink that had been sterilized and treated to be suitable for sensitive eyes.

Unless you have a particular hyper sensitivity to fur, which is very rare, if your eyes do actually react after wearing Minki Lashes, it is most likely due to the lash glue you use. Also, messy lash application, improper post-removal lash storage & care can also potentially make your eyes react. Please read glue for false lashes section on minkilashes.org to learn how to avoid allergenic toxic glue ingredients.

I have sensitive eyes, and with proper lash care and lash glue, I enjoy wearing my Minki Lashes stress and allergy-free!

Why is there no glue included with my purchase of Minki Lashes??

Please note that Minki Lashes currently does not sell eyelash glue for your glamorous mink false eyelashes so you will need to buy one separately either at your local drugstore or from an online retailer.

I am committed to eye/skin health and safety and am in the process of developing a safer type of eyelash glue than offered by most faux eyelash brands on the market. Until then, please visit minkilashes.org ‘s glue section for glue safety reviews and choosing tips.

Why are Minki Lashes superior to other false eyelash types??

In a nutshell, Minki Lashes are the closest thing to human eyelashes but longer and much fuller for a luxuriously dramatic awe-inducing effect! No other types of faux lashes (synthetic, silk, faux mink, human hair) can compare to cruelty-free real Siberian mink false eyelashes for believability, wearability and lightweight-ness. Check out the complete list of Minki Lashes’ top 10 features for more details.

Why are Minki Lashes more expensive than some other cheaper real mink lash brands??

Minki Lashes are guaranteed to be made of 100% authentic cruelty-free rich black Siberian mink fur of the highest grade available on the market.

Some cheaper “real” mink false eyelashes brands often mix other faux materials or other type of lower grade fur together with real mink.  They then use coloring chemicals to attain the rich black color of fur, yet advertise it as real mink false eyelashes.

Unlike some other companies, the Minki Lashes’ manufacturer passes a strict quality control at every step of the process. From choosing the raw materials and handcrafting individual styles, to adding the lash band, fixing the curl, and packing. Beware the Royal Impostors and have a peace of mind knowing that you are, in fact, wearing the best of the best when it comes to real mink false eyelashes!

Do you use chemicals or dyes on the mink fur??

No, your Royal Health-Consciousness! Because Minki Lashes selects only the rich black cruelty-free mink fur, there is no need for further coloring or intensive preservation treatments.

Who can wear Minki Lashes??

Anybody who wants to enhance the length, volume and overall appearance of their own human eyelashes can wear Minki Lashes. Easy to apply and remove, Minki Lashes are a fabulous choice for the ladies who want to step it up in style, take high-end glamour to the next level, and have fun.

Real mink false eyelashes are an especially great option for those beauties who might have avoided fake lashes in the past due to them looking…too fake…Minki Lashes are the most natural-looking falsies on the market and are the closest thing to your own natural lashes…but longer, fuller and more majestic!

When should Minki Lashes be avoided??

While mink false eyelashes are a dream-come-true beauty product for most ladies, they may not be right for everyone. If you prefer very bold eye makeup looks with thick layers of mascara over your falsies or spidery lashes, you may find Minki Lashes to be too elegant, fluttery and natural-looking…

You are, however, more than welcome to and are encouraged to “convert” to “Minkilash-ism” (LOL) and enjoy its feathery and lightweight benefits ;).

I am new to false eyelashes application. Are Minki Lashes the right product for me??

Absolutely. And you’ll love them! However, if you are new to or are not comfortable with false eyelashes application, I suggest you practice and perfect it on cheap drugstore lashes before graduating to the luxurious Minki Lashes. You don’t want to accidentally damage the real mink false eyelashes if you get frustrated while learning how to apply falsies.

Read my detailed step-by-step application instructions here.

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Usage & Care
How do you apply real mink false eyelashes for a seamless look??

Please see my detailed step-by-step mink false eyelashes application instructions. They are loaded with my personal favorite tips and secret hacks for a natural-looking seamless look.
Note: If you are a false lashes newbie, I recommend practicing eyelash application on cheap drugstore falsies first before upgrading to more delicate and luxurious Minki Lashes.

How do you remove & clean Minki Lashes? ?
Can you wash Minki Lashes??

It’s a soft “no”: wash at your own risk. Minki Lashes are made of 100% authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink fur that had been sterilized. Because any type of genuine fur tends to lose its shape/lash curl when washed, it is NOT recommended to wash the fluttery mink lashes themselves but only the lash band. Do NOT soak them but rather give them only a gentle rinse.

However, I understand the importance of occasional or emergency mink false eyelashes wash (in situations when you accidentally drop the eyelash on the floor etc). Check my personal eyelash washing hack in the bottom half of this page.

How to make Minki Lashes last longer??

If you give your glamorous real mink false eyelashes the gentle TLC they require, they will last you a long time. To join the other Minkiholics who report being able to reuse their Minki Lashes more than the advertised 25 times, do the following:
Learn how to properly clean real mink false eyelashes for reuse.
Avoid these 13 deadly sins.
Follow my fav royal false lashes tips and hacks.

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