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Minki Lashes - World's Most Natural-Looking Mink Eyelashes Brand! - Minki Lashes - Best Mink Eyelashes

Most Natural Looking Eyelashes

Meet Minki Lashes: the World’s Most Natural-Looking Mink Eyelashes Brand!

Everyone is talking about authentic mink eyelashes these days! Once available only to the Hollywood “royalty”, they are quickly taking over the market and becoming the revolutionary go-to beauty product for not only A-listers but also non-famous beauties such as yourselves.  Now YOU can have longer, more voluminous and glamorous natural-looking eyelashes in a matter of minutes! Minki Lashes’ 100% authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink eyelashes are a truly royal treatment for your eyes that doesn’t break the bank!

For glam in a blink, think mink!

Scroll down to learn about 10 features that make Minki Lashes the world’s most natural-looking mink eyelashes brand!

Natural Looking Mink Eyelashes

Highest Quality Siberian Mink

Unlike some other brands that use low quality mink fur or faux materials mixed with real mink, Minki Lashes selects only the highest grade of authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink fur, known for its stronger durability, softness and natural glow. Beware the “royal impostors” who have tried to imitate this premium type of mink product, and choose the authentic Minki Lashes brand today!

The Closest Thing to Human Eyelashes

Similar thickness to human eyelashes but fuller and longer! Minki Lashes features an individual lash thickness of about 0.10mm helping your own lashes blend seamlessly with mink eyelashes.

Tapered eyelash tips. Real mink eyelashes perfectly mimic the delicate tapered tips of human lashes for an extra believable effect. (Human hair lashes have straight cut edges.)

The perfectly imperfect shaggy curl. Only real mink eyelashes can replicate the uneven curvature of human eyelashes giving the falsies a more natural appearance.

Significantly superior to the synthetic or even human hair imitators. No other false eyelash material on the market is as soft, delicate, fluttery and believably natural-looking as real mink.

Reusable Up To 25 Wears!

Authentic cruelty-free Siberian mink eyelashes are known for their durability, despite being delicate and fluttery. With proper care, Minki Lashes can be reused 25 times, making them the best value on the prestige beauty market today! Each use of Minki Lashes is like getting pure luxury at a cost lower than a pair of cheap synthetic falsies from a drugstore! And who wouldn’t want to come close to what JLO or Madonna wear on their royal eyelids, at a fraction of a cost?!

SYNTHETIC - up to 3 times
HUMAN HAIR - up to 5 times
MINK - up to 25 times

Up to 3 Times More Lightweight

Authentic mink eyelashes are much lighter in weight than any other synthetic and human hair false eyelashes. With each individual mink eyelash being nearly weightless, you can enjoy even our most voluminous lash styles that don’t feel heavy on the eyelid! Minki Lashes are comfortable and easy for you to wear throughout the work day or a weekend night out, and even last through an entire high-energy stage performance.

When you're on stage singing for hours, every milligram of extra weight on your eyes may add to the discomfort. Minki Lashes are by far the lightest weighing and most luxurious false eyelashes I've ever tried. Not only are they so light on the eyelid that I forget that I'm wearing them on stage, but I also feel great enjoying the after-party knowing that they look natural enough to not be labeled 'vulgar/too fake/stage lashes'. Minki Lashes are a female artist's best kept secret! :)))

Lera, Lead Vocalist @ Lera Salt
#TeaseMarquise! mink eyelashes

More Flexible & Thinner Lash Band

New! Minki Lashes proudly presents a new lash band that is more flexible, softer and thinner than its competition! Our specially treated cotton thread band curves more organically around the eyelid, thus making the mink eyelashes application easier and faster.

2 Lengths!

New! Minki Lashes is proud to introduce certain eyelash styles in 2 lengths! That’s right, you can now enjoy our best selling mink eyelashes styles in a Classic (most common) length, as well as a slightly longer High-Class length perfect for those with larger eyes or those who simply want to add more drama to their eyes! Both lengths are offered at the same low price, so you can experiment without having to pay more!

Mink Eyelashes Two Lengths


Got fur allergies and not sure wether Minki Lashes are safe for your delicate eyes? Worry NO MORE! Authentic and cruelty-free Siberian mink fur hairs used to create your luxurious mink eyelashes have been carefully sterilized and specially treated to be suitable for sensitive eyes!

As the original creator of Minki Lashes, I essentially developed these glamorous eyelashes for myself as a more dramatic eye makeup enhancing yet hypoallergenic solution for my sensitive skin. I wanted a natural alternative to stiff and unhealthy synthetic (poly/nylon) lash materials and toxic mascara fibers that give spider lashes.

Follow my eyelash glue safety analysis articles on minkilashes.org to help you choose safer lash glue for your sensitive eyes!

Cruelty-Free & Handmade

No harm to the minks!
Don’t you worry, Minki Lashes does NOT harm the minks! The individual fur pieces are collected by gently brushing LIVE animals upon natural shedding. Minki Lashes brand is against animal cruelty. Yes, you can have pure luxury of authentic fur without worrying about harmful circumstances!

Made with love!
Minki Lashes are 100% handmade and carefully crafted to give the lashes more volume and the shaggy curl that no machine-made eyelashes can ever replicate! The perfect imperfections found throughout the eyelash thanks to a careful selection of individual lash hairs of various lengths give Minki Lashes their natural yet luxurious look.

Great Selection

Minki Lashes brand offers 3 different volume types of lashes, making it easy for you to find the right eyelash style for you.

Minki Lashes low volume eyelashes



Low volume mink eyelashes are effortlessly glamorous and are perfect for false eyelash newbies, everyday wear, and those who desire the most natural-looking effect.

Minki Lashes medium volume eyelashes



Medium volume mink eyelashes are an ideal choice for those who desire a semi-dramatic effect perfect for a flirtatious date, weekend night out, or an office party.

Minki Lashes high volume eyelashes



High volume mink eyelashes are royally luxurious and ideal for special event wear, high glamour red carpets, and are adored by performers and pro makeup artists.

Compact Package

Minki Lashes boxes

Traveling with your luxurious Minki Lashes brand’s mink eyelashes is now easier than ever with a compact and reusable (and should I add super cute) box.

Attractive contemporary classic design.
It’s all about presentation with our brand new custom designed square box with a convenient magnetic lid and the Minki Lashes brand’s engraved monogram as a symbol of luxury.

The perfect gift.
I know your BFF has been talking about switching to 100% mink eyelashes for awhile, so why not get her a pair of Minki Lashes and make her feel like royalty?!

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