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Valeria's Story of Minki Lashes Creation! - Minki Lashes - Best Mink Eyelashes
Valeria Founder of Minki Lashes

Valeria's story of Minki Lashes' creation!

When I decided to put my fears behind me and finally pursue my big passion of being a performing artist (singer)  thanks to a personal “wake up call” during my severe illness several years ago, I was faced with a challenge of finding safer beauty products that would not irritate my now-sensitive skin but still look dramatic and beautiful on stage.

I realized that I no longer could or even wanted to use the same toxic eye makeup products that I was used to before my illness. Because I now preferred to avoid eyeshadows and opted for fun eyeliner options for my normal-to-hooded shaped eyes instead, I had to make sure that my eyelashes had enough “oomph”. I also realized that no mascara on the market could look as dramatic as false eyelashes, and that’s when I ran into a big surprise and disappointment. Even the “luxury” synthetic false eyelashes sold for $36 at my local high-end department store, looked too fake, felt too stiff and too heavy on my eyelids! With my sensitive eyelids, I did NOT want to wear plastic on my eyes! Yikes!

A survey I conducted confirmed that I was not alone in my disappointment and that many women avoid false eyelashes mostly because there are virtually no affordable soft and lightweight and, most importantly, natural-looking false eyelashes options on the market that don’t look plastic-y!

My research also showed that the most natural-looking and lightweight material that can be used to imitate human lashes is authentic mink fur. But I felt it was unfair for myself or other women like me to pay hundreds of dollars for a pair of real mink fur lashes similar to those that Hollywood royalty like Madonna and JLo wear. The demand for eco-friendlier non chemically-filled lashes was there, so I had to fill the gap!

I’ve always dreamed of having my own e-commerce business, so what better and more satisfying way to do it than by offering a product that I can regularly use and genuinely enjoy! This is how the idea for launching my own brand of luxurious mink lashes called Minki Lashes, was born!

Minki Lashes are made from 100% authentic and cruelty-free Siberian mink that is soft and voluminous,  glossy, beautiful, classy and definitely Hollywood royalty-worthy!

And the best part is that they are super affordable! Minki Lashes is a premium product without a high-end price tag. I want all my royal lashaholics to have access to red carpet-worthy luxury at a fraction of the cost of what some other real mink eyelash companies charge for a similar product.

I absolutely LOVE wearing my comfortable Minki Lashes on stage during performances and I am sure you will LOVE them too!

Meet Valeria, the Original Creator of Minki Lashes

Valeria Queen of Minki Lashes

The Queen of Minki Lashes

Sometimes we all need a little push in a form of an important life-changing event, to force us to go from the state of dreaming about your life aspirations, to actually pursuing them. My severe illness several years ago motivated me to put an end to my corporate finance world life that didn’t bring me satisfaction, and start my own business instead, something I’ve always dreamed of. My beloved cousin and I started a small web marketing & content development company, where we learned about search engine marketing, on the go! A few years later (continuing solo) filled with exciting and sometimes stressful challenges, I am thrilled to finally be realizing one of my biggest career dreams – owning my own e-commerce business that offers a product that I truly believe in!

The Queen of Natural Healing

Since my severe illness several years ago, I have been actively doing medical research focusing on nutrition and natural healing methods, which helped me successfully recover without using chemical medications. I pride myself on leading a healthy lifestyle, enjoying a delicious low carb and gluten-free diet, taking natural vitamin supplements, and being in control of my emotions. I share my natural health findings and analysis on my enaturalhealing.com blog, which gets tens of thousands of monthly visitors. I guess the only “bad” habit this self-proclaimed “Queen of natural healing” has is staying up late and being a bit of a workaholic! Because my illness was largely skin-related, I educated myself on the dangers of toxic chemicals found in our everyday personal care and beauty products. Since then, I have been sharing my carefully researched analysis of eye makeup products with my loyal readers in my e-magazine about everything eye makeup-related, on minkilashes.org.

Queen of Natural Healing
Lera Salt Music

The Queen of Her Music

I am the lead singer in the professional 5 piece live cover band Lera Salt Band in Toronto, Canada. My band performs at popular clubs and bars, as well as corporate and private events in the Toronto area. I am a stylistically versatile and a lively performer with a classical music school background who enjoys covering songs by a variety of popular artists ranging from soulful Adele and David Guetta’s high-energy house music beats, to my personal rock icons No Doubt, Muse, and Florence and the Machine. I am also the lead singer-songwriter in my original alternative rock project Lera Salt. Music is my biggest passion in life, and is the place where I truly feel at home :).

Lera Salt