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About Minki Lashes

What Are Siberian Mink Lashes?

Real Siberian Mink Eyelashes Facts

10 Features of Minki Lashes

Best Mink Lashes Brand Features

Why Invest in Minki Lashes?

10 Reasons to Buy Minki Lashes

Creating Minki Lashes: Valeria's Story

Minki Lashes Brand Story

Curious to Know Why Minki Lashes Are Superior to Other False Eyelash Types?

See below for a comparison between various features of synthetic false eyelashes (including silk or faux mink lashes), human hair eyelashes, cheap (or mixed fiber) mink eyelashes, and 100% real mink eyelashes by Minki Lashes, and make your own judgement!

  • Lash material

  • Lash hair shapeLash hair shape
  • BelievabilityBelievability
  • Lash curl Lash curl
  • WeightWeight
  • Lash bandLash band
  • FlexibilityFlexibility
  • ReusabilityReusability
  • Suitability for sensitive eyesSuitability for sensitive eyes
  • Lash curler usabilityLash curler usability
  • Handmade?Handmade?
  • Synthetic Polyester

    silk, faux mink

  • Lash hair shapeTapered tips
  • BelievabilityLow
  • Lash curl Even; least natural
  • WeightModerate to heavy
  • Lash bandSynthetic; stiff
  • FlexibilityLow
  • Reusability1-5 times
  • Suitability for sensitive eyesno
  • Lash curler usabilityNo heated curlers
  • Handmade?no
  • Human Hair

  • Lash hair shapeStraight cut tips
  • BelievabilityMedium
  • Lash curl Even; semi-natural
  • WeightModerate
  • Lash bandSilicone/synthetic; medium
  • FlexibilityMedium
  • ReusabilityUp to 5
  • Suitability for sensitive eyesyes
  • Lash curler usabilityClamp/Heated curlers
  • Handmade?yes
  • Cheap Mink

    mixed fibers

  • Lash hair shapeTapered tips
  • BelievabilityMedium to High
  • Lash curl Shaggy; natural
  • WeightLight to lightest
  • Lash bandMixed fibers;
  • FlexibilityMedium to High
  • Reusability1-15
  • Suitability for sensitive eyesunclear
  • Lash curler usabilityHeated curler only
  • Handmade?yes
  • Siberian Mink

    Minki Lashes

  • Lash hair shapeTapered tips
  • BelievabilityHigh
  • Lash curl Shaggy; most natural
  • WeightLightest
  • Lash bandCotton/silicone blend; soft
  • FlexibilityHigh
  • Reusabilityup to 25 times
  • Suitability for sensitive eyesyes
  • Lash curler usabilityHeated curler only
  • Handmade?yes

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