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Best Eyelashes Sponsor of Miss Globe 2015 World Finals

  • Miss Globe Ann Colis Wearing Best Eyelashes
  • Best Eyelashes on Miss Globe 2015 Runner-Ups
  • Miss Globe Ann Colis Wearing Best Eyelashes
  • Best Eyelashes on Miss Globe 2015 Runner-Ups

The Miss Globe World Finals 2015 took place on October 8, 2015 in Toronto, Canada at the beautiful Rose Theatre. Being the official silver sponsor of the event, Minki Lashes’ best eyelashes were a huge hit among the famous beauty pageant contestants who flew in from different parts of the world to compete for the ruby crown and the prestigious title of Miss Globe 2015. Our real mink eyelashes also wowed the dedicated makeup-artists who were creating elegant makeup looks for over 50 gorgeous and talented young women.

The Miss Globe Experience and Schedule

Throughout their nearly 3 week stay at the Plaza Hotel in the Toronto East area, the beautiful contestants from all over the world were on a very tight schedule.

First, they had to go through intensive training to help excel their on-stage presence, runway walk, choreography and public speaking. Kim Hazen Mahistrado, the celebrity runway director and coach who travels internationally with the Miss Globe organization to train the contestants, was not only the mastermind behind on-stage runway routines but also the fashion designer-extraordinaire whose lavish gowns were worn by some of the beauty pageant contestants (such as Miss Globe Cuba and others).

Next, the Miss Globe delegates had to attend public functions throughout the city, do charity work, and participate in mini competitions.

As the Founder of Minki Lashes and the official silver sponsor of the Mis Globe 2015 World Finals, I was fortunate to have taken part in some of these activities and personally meet all the contestants, organizers and the President of the at-the-time Miss Globe’s mother organization (Deliart Organization), Petri Bozo.

The highlight, however, was an exclusive interview I conducted with the Miss Globe pageant delegates. Keep checking for updates on the release of that special video.

The Miss Globe Mini Competitions and Winners

There were 13 mini competitions at the Miss Globe World Finals 2015, with each pageant beauty wearing her best eyelashes sponsored by Minki Lashes.

Earning a winning title at a mini-competition via showcasing talents and skills helps these competing ladies to further advance their career in the modelling or any artistic field.

A pageant sash has the prestige and power to help these women stand out from the crowd! And so do our luxurious and natural-looking false eyelashes by Minki Lashes!

Miss Intercontinental – Hong-Kong

Miss Internet – Korea

Miss Elegance – Czech Republic

Best National Costume –

Miss People’s Choice (Award) – Korea

Miss Friendship – South Africa

Miss Cosmopolitan – USA

Miss Disco Queen – Taiwan

Miss Salsa Queen – Brazil

Miss Karaoke Queen- Germany

Miss Talent – Cuba

Miss Bikini – Lithuania

Miss Runway – Barbados

Miss Globe 2015 National Costume Competition

The Best Eyelashes for the Best Beauty Pageant Queens!

#SiberianPrincess is one of Minki Lashes’ best eyelashes style for an elegant evening makeup look perfect for the evening gown portion of the Miss Globe pageant.  Having become an instant favourite among fashion models around Toronto, these real mink fur lashes were spotted on Miss Globe Jamaica and Miss Globe Nicaragua at the world finals 2015.

Siberians are resilient and so are these Miss Globe delegates whose long-lasting yet lightweight Minki Lashes complemented their confidence and grace on stage! #SiberianPrincess mink fur lashes are available in two lengths, Classic and High-Class, with the High-Class length being our more popular choice for those seeking a “wow” effect.

#BarelyBaroness (High-Class) is one of Minki Lashes’ best eyelashes for a gently soft, elegant and ultra-natural look. Worn by Miss Globe Poland and USA (among others) at the world finals 2015, these are a perfect choice for those who wish to not overwhelm their makeup look with often obvious-looking fake lashes.

While offered in 2 length variations, the High-Class version of #BarelyBaroness provides the length you need to visually open up the eyes without thickness and extra weight.

Ann Colis Wearing Minki Lashes

#MinkMajesty is one of Minki Lashes’ best eyelashes style for a more dramatic look.  Perfect for long evening wear and on-stage performances, these falsies became the winning choice for Miss Globe Lithuania and Miss Globe Philippines at the world finals 2015. Scoring in the Top 15 and as a world finalist, respectively, these beautiful ladies certainly looked majestic wearing their lucky #MinkMajesty!

Miss Globe France in Minki Lashes
Miss Globe Canada in Minki Lashes

#RoyalSinner (High-Class) is one of Minki Lashes’ best eyelashes style favoured by many of our royal Asian and South Asian beauties. Deliciously dramatic in the outer corner yet lightweight and viciously long yet comfortable, these falsies became the winning choice for Miss Globe China and Miss Globe Sri Lanka.

In fact, Yisha Chen loved them so much that she went home to China with several of these pairs! And while Chen’s perfect porcelain doll face might look more innocent than that of a royal sinner, our #RoyalSinner (High-Class) were the best eyelashes to give her the confidence to become one of the runner-ups in the entire competition!

Miss Globe 2015 Finals Top 10 Winners

Albania: Sara Karaj

Algeria: Nawel Chougrani Serir

Australia: Nicole Fidone

Barbados: Stevie Marie

Bashkortosan: Anzhelika Lakuseva

Belarus: Polli Cannabis

Cameron: Melly Lum

Canada: Jessica Zephyr

China: Yisha Chen

Columbia: Laura Sophia Lopez

Cuba: Shenese Case

Czech Republic: Sarka Karnetova

Dominican Republic: Madelyn Mejia

England: Louise Toms

Estonia: Kaari-Ann Kolk

Finland: Tara Kolppanen

France: Oceane Pernodet

Germany: Kyliee Anderson

Ghana: Gisela Emefa Gagakuma

Hong Kong: Jessie Chau (lives in Canada)

India: Shikha Sharma

Jamaica: Cheniel Henderson (lives in the UK)

Korea: Jae Myung Kim

Kosovo: Emnolina Begaj

Latvia: Zane Kronberga

Lithuania: Elona Rackute

Macedonia: Elena Angjelovska

Mexico: Andrea Celeste Zentero Vazques

Mongolia: Tugs Amgalan Batjargal

Montenegro: Rajmonda Cukaj

Netherlands: Stephani Kluivert

Nicaragua: Desiree Estrada

Nigeria: Adaeze Marian Obazi

Pakistan: Aatka Feroz

Philippines: Ann Loraine M. Colis

Poland: Agnieszka Wasilewska

Portugal: Melissa Vieira

Romania: Anitta Toma

Russia: Masha Mezenina

Siberia: Tatyana Fedorets

Slovakia: Ivana Vankova

South Africa: Angelique Van Der Walt

Spain: Jennifer Marquez

Sri Lanka: Prerana Patel

Taiwan: Hai Lin Chen

Trinidad & Tobago: Dana De France

Turkey: Gokce Eygi

Ukraine: Yevgeniya Zyryanova

USA: Jaclyn Louise Baird

Venezuela: Eilen Adriana Alvarez

Zambia: Sarah Chibwe