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Best False Eyelashes for Asian Eyes: Comprehensive Guide

Best False Eyelashes for Asian Eyes

Best false eyelashes for Asian eyes may seem pretty easy to select with so much variety on the market today and Asian ladies being a fast growing consumer base for the reason of mother nature, well, not blessing many of them with a full luscious fringe… However, things tend to get tricky in real life because, with small Asian eyes, cheap quality falsies might appear too obviously fake and caterpillar-like, which is probably not the look my elegant royal Minki customers typically go for.

First thing first, let’s go over the basic facts and challenges associated with Asian eyes. Afterward, keep reading for my expert style fit guide and best false eyelashes application and wear tips and tricks. I must warn you: this is arguably the most comprehensive best false eyelashes for Asian eyes guide on the internet today, so some information might surprise you!

Contrary to common knowledge, Asian eye shapes come in not 2, but 6 types (Asian eyes anatomy source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4536062/):

1. Single A.K.A. Mono Eyelids: these are the most common among Chinese, Japanese and Korean people. This eye type provides the ultimate hooded eyes effect due to not having a visible fold or a crease on the eyelid at all. And while this eye shape may have an advantage of causing less eyeliner smears due to the lack of a crease, there are some challenges that are associated with it:

2. Low eyelid crease (low-seated, nasally tapered, including hidden fold).

3. Double eyelid crease, infold type: the height of the upper lid crease is lower than the epicanthal fold.

4. Double eyelid crease, on fold type: the height of the crease is right on the epicanthal fold.

5. Double eyelid crease, outfold type: the height of the crease is higher than the epicanthal fold (asterisk).

6. Double eyelid crease, outfold type without an epicanthal fold.

Asian Eye Shapes

Best Mink Lashes for Asian Eyes - Recommended by Minki Lashes

1 crown – feel free to experiment but typically, opt for other styles

2 crowns – it’s a “maybe” style and should work well for many users

3 crowns – it’s a tried and tested “yes” style for most users

Best False Eyelashes Asian Eyes

Best False Eyelashes for Asian Eyes - Tips & Tricks

1. Get eyelashes that aren’t too stiff. The lashes you may be most used to, that are made of cheap synthetics or even human hair, are typically too stiff and potentially irritating to the delicate and sensitive monolid eye area. You don’t want your best false eyelashes to cause any discomfort. And after all, why should makeup products ruin your day? That’s where Minki Lashes come into play. Loved by celebrities and celebrity makeup artists, they are the softest eyelashes on the market that mimic natural human eyelashes. As per Canada’s favourite TV talk show The Marilyn Denis Show, “they are like your own lashes but longer and fuller!”

2. Choose lash styles that are not too overwhelming. To my own surprise, I know quite a few Asian beauties who bravely pull off dramatic styles of mink eyelashes, especially, at special events and such… But for the majority of you, I’d say that the best false eyelashes for Asian eyes are still the less overwhelming-looking ones. So skip #ImpressTheEmpress by Minki Lashes unless you are intentionally going for a lot of eye makeup drama (it would work for stage performances or drag etc). Typically, Asian eyes are relatively small in size, and with the monolid or a hooded variation of the eye shape, selecting the right style comes down to proportions. The standard average lash hair length of 12mm should be enough to add noticeable length without overpowering the eye.

3. Choose lash styles that have a similar length from the middle of the lash to the outer corner, or that are longer in the outer corner. Longer lashes in the outer corner will draw more attention towards the outer corner of your eyes, thus making them appear longer. Your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes strategy here is to choose styles that look well rounded i.e. have a more or less same length of lash hairs between the middle and the outer corner. #MinkMajesty would be a fantastic choice for you, and it is one of the lashes worn by Sierra from X Factor.

3. Strongly consider falsies that are longer in the middle of the lash. The doe eye effect of the best false eyelashes for Asian eyes is often desired among the Asian lash users. #DamnNearRoyalty was, in fact, originally developed with hooded and Asian eyes in mind! The longer hairs in the middle of the lash band give an effect of a rounder eye. They will draw attention towards the middle of your eye and will hence visually open it up. Alternatively, clustered lashes like #RoyalFlirt are also up for consideration.

4. Experiment with visually eye elongating tricks. Generally, you should be cutting your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes to about 2/3rd of the length of your eye, for a more natural effect (since our human eyelashes don’t grow right from the inner corner of the eye so we need to place the inner corner of the false lash a bit further where your own lashes begin)… However…

If you are a more advanced eye makeup user, feel free to experiment with the following eye elongating trick that I picked up while working with fashion runway models at fashion shows. Do a dark cat eyeliner style in the outer corners just a bit longer in the outer corners than you normally would. Then measure and trim your Siberian mink lashes’ band to be close to the length of your own eye (no longer, please!!). Apply your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes very closely to your own top eyelid as you normally would but glue the outer corner over the extended cat eyeliner you drew. Now your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes visually elongate your eyes!

5. Choose the right lash curve. In most cases, your eye shape will require nearly the same lash “basics” such as the curvature, as hooded eyes. A more curved up C-curl like in #RoyalSinner (Classic) looks great on hooded eyes that need that extra oomph to look more open. You can still experiment with more natural B-curvature lashes such as in #TeaseMarquise! that will give you a slight curl and visibility when you look at your lashes straight. However, C-curvature falsies are many people’s go-to best false eyelashes for Asian eyes and will require you to use an eyelash curler on your own lashes before applying fake lashes. #RoyalSinner, #DamnNearRoyalty, #SiberianPrincess, and #BarelyBaroness are all C-curl lashes. #MinkMajesty is a perfect middle between B and C curls so will also work great.

6. Apply dark eyeliner on lower lash line only until the middle of the eye and/or upper outer corner of the upper lid. Monolid eye makeup can make eyeliner “disappear” once you open your lovely eyes, while eyeshadows will look softer and more visible as it covers a larger area. Nevertheless, applying dark eyeliner in a soft cat eye in the outer corners (upper and lower lash lines in a connecting V shape) can visually extend your eyes and help blend your Minki Lashes better. The liner will likely smudge in the middle of your upper lid so learn to skip it and just apply falsies without.

7. Use dark eyeshadows to create a fold. When completing your hooded or monolid eye makeup look with your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes, consider turning to darker eyeshadows. When strategically placed on the eyelid, you can visually recreate the lid fold via contouring. Remember: dark colour recedes, so by adding a streak of dark shadows, instead of the typical smokey eye, create a fold!

8. Remember to use my Old Hollywood trick for a more natural effect. This trick will help to visually “reduce” the eyelid flap. Your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes will appear as though they are growing right out of your eyelids so put that flap to good use! The trick involves rolling your eye pencil from the top of your eyelid down over the lash band.  Follow instructions in #8 of the “Mink False Eyelashes Tips & Hacks from the Minki Lashes Queen” article.

Check how different Minki Lashes styles would work for your Asian eyes!

#RoyalSinner (Classic & High-Class)

Well, these are in our top 3 best false eyelashes for Asian eyes if you are looking to visually open up your eyes. These are a real classic that features the optimal length, realistic-looking criss-cross lash pattern, and a slightly denser and longer outer corner. The C-curvature was designed to visually uplift the eyes. Interestingly, the High-Class version is one of our best-sellers among Asian users!


This style creates a doe eye effect, accentuates the iris of your eye that looks more open and round. The longer mink fur strands are placed in the middle on the lash, with equal shorter length lashes in both inner and outer corners. A very popular candidate for the best false eyelashes for Asian eyes!


If you like the overall Adele-esque and Lana Del Rey-esque look of dense falsies, this lash is an interesting foxy version with the lash strands being tilted an angle towards the outer corner. It would visually elongate the eye. If you wish to make your eye rounder, then #DamnNearRoyalty is a better choice for you between the two because they are more curved and longer in the middle.

#SiberianPrincess (Classic & High-Class)

Similarly to #RoyalSinner, these are in our top 3best false eyelashes for Asian eyes. They have the same crisscross pattern and nearly the same curvature as #RoyalSinner yet are a bit more dense with the 100% real and cruelty-free high-grade Siberian mink fur eyelashes evenly spread out across the lash band.

The High-Class version looks incredible on (and sells out quickly) as it’s fluffy and a bit dramatic yet lightweight.

#BarelyBaroness (Classic & High-Class)

This is a great light density entry-level lash with a short-long pattern. It gives a bit of a doll-like effect that opens up the eye. Worn by Miss Globe 2015 Ann Colis in the High-Class (longer) version in our exclusive luxury photo shoot organized and sponsored by Minki Lashes, this is in our top 5 best false eyelashes for Asian eyes.


For a more fun monolid eye makeup look, #RoyalFlirt is perfect with its shorter-longer crisscross pattern and longer fur from the middle to the outer corner of the lash, so make sure you use my tips #4 and #6 about extending the inner corner with your eyeliner, in order to turn this style into your best false eyelashes for Asian eyes.


Many celebrities picked up #MinkMajesty as their style of choice at the Grammy Celebrity Gifting Lounge. Such a great semi-dramatic lash. I find that this voluminous and fluttery style works for pretty much any eye shape for those who want a more dramatic yet natural-looking effect. It is fluffier-looking than, let’s say, #DamnNearRoyalty or #SultanaCanadiana.


While this is generally a very popular style (celebrities such as Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony, love it!) even among our Asian beauties, personally I don’t consider this style to be the best for hooded/monolid eyes but our customers think differently, I suppose! This is our version of Ardell Whispies (theirs are made of coated human hair/synthetics though that look way faker than Minki), so it’s no surprise that Ardell’s fans are switching to our version. Its clusters are fun and, surprisingly, way more natural-looking than when in the box!


The impressive dramatic length makes this lash perfect for occasions where you really need a noticeable length without the heavy feel or fake look… For small eyes, however, I find these to be simply too long to look “organic” with Asian eyes. Unless you are competing in a beauty pageant or doing a photo shoot, skip this one in favor of more suitable options.

Now let’s review…

Common challenges with monolid hooded eyes:

a. Straight natural lashes. The hooded eyelids usually restrict your own eyelashes from curling up, creating the need to regularly use a metal clamp style lash curler before applying false eyelashes. A heated eyelash curler may not be as effective as a conventional clamp in this case.

b. The need to use eyelid glue. This special glue that sticks the eyelids together to create an appearance of a crease, is a highly common practice and an added step to the lash application process, especially among the Asian beauties who regularly use falsies.

c. Growing popularity of blepharoplastyThe flap that covers the entire lid all the way to the lash line is, curiously and perhaps disturbingly for some, the cause for the double eyelid surgery becoming so popular in Asian, and especially Korean, communities. This may be a growing concern for those who may see this type of surgery as an attempt to look more Caucasian and, hence, creating a “fold” between beauty and identity.