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Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes Like Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony

Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes

If you ever felt not-so-excited about your close-set eyes shape and weren’t sure how to effectively apply makeup as to make your eyes “pop”, worry no more and take inspiration from one of the most confident close-set eyed beauties in the music biz, Ally Brooke from the female group Fifth Harmony that finished third in the second season (2012) of the American TV singing competition The X Factor. I had the pleasure of meeting Ally in person at the Grammy Celebrity Gifting Lounge in February 2017, and can tell you that she not only puts “pop” in her Pop-R&B music, but also in her best lashes for close set eyes and eye makeup looks!

As she mentioned in her interview with The Coveteur magazine, she loves the way false eyelashes make her eyes look so she wears them nearly every day. So take it for what it is: falsies are a “must” beauty secret for you. At the celebrity gifting lounge, Ally Brooke picked up #RoyalFlirt and #TeaseMarquise! styles of Minki Lashes (2 great styles for a performing artist).

Check out the Fifth Harmony’s performance on the X Factor in the video at the bottom of this article, and read on to find out what the best lashes for close set eyes are to help you master your best eye makeup looks for this eye shape. My expert lash style fitting guide will help you to quickly determine which mink eyelashes styles would and wouldn’t work for your eye shape.

Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes - Tips & Tricks

1. Choose lash styles that are longer towards the outer corner. Foxy lash styles are hands down a “must” with close-set eyes shape. Adding that extra length in the outer corner will draw more attention towards the outer corner of your eye, thus making your eyes appear a bit wider. Your best lashes for close-set eyes strategy here is to choose styles that get longer towards the outer corner. #RoyalSinner, #SiberianPrincess and #MinkMajesty would be fantastic choices for you.

2. Avoid lash styles that are longer in the middle. As much as I love the doe-shaped eyes look that mink lashes with longer in the middle and shorter in both inner and outer corners offer, I’m afraid these are NOT the best lashes for close set eyes. While you are welcome to experiment, you will soon notice that their longer lash hairs in the middle will draw attention to the middle of your eye, which, in most cases, may give an effect of reducing the gap between your eyes as they will draw attention closer to your inner corners. So #DamnNearRoyalty is not your best bet here.

3. Experiment with falsies that are angled (outwardly) or are in clusters or long-short pattern. These are good options to try if you want your eyes to stand out! #SultanaCanadiana, for instance, with mink fur strands being tilted at a slight angle towards the outer corner, will provide a natural cat eye effect, which is perfect for your eye shape.  Alternatively, clustered lashes like #TeaseMarquise! or #RoyalFlirt are your best lashes for close set eyes for more funk and playfulness!

4. Choose a natural lash curve. You’ll need to analyze your eye shape further to assess the right lash curvature for you, and the lash effect you want to achieve (more dramatic or natural). It is possible to have almond shaped, deep set or hooded eyes that are also close-set (for hooded eyes, a C-curl like in #RoyalSinner (Classic) is great!). So choose lashes accordingly. Here you can also experiment with more natural B-curvature lashes such as in #TeaseMarquise! that will give you a slight curl and visibility when you look at your lashes straight. C-curvature falsies, however, are many users’ best lashes for close set eyes. You may, however, need to also use an eyelash curler on your own lashes before applying false eyelashes. #RoyalSinner, #SiberianPrincess, #BarelyBaroness, #ImpressTheEmpress (our longest lash in the collection) and #DamnNearRoyalty (not your best choice!) are all C-curl lashes. #MinkMajesty is a perfect middle between B and C curls so will work for most people.

5. Cat eye is your royal servant! Extend dark eyeliner along your upper and lower lash lines in outer corners and skip inner corners. Applying black eyeliner as a base coat to your new Siberian mink eyelashes is typically a standard procedure as is, however, when it comes to making your best lashes for close-set eyes work in your favor, keep the following in mind. Remember that the closer the black line on your eyelids to the inner corner of your eye, the closer to the nose the eyes will appear, so start your dark line a bit closer to the middle of the eye away from the inner corner. Extend the liner in the outer corner into a cat eye or anything that goes past your actual lash line. The cat eye effect will space out your eyes and shift the focus towards your outer corners. This also works  if your close-set eyes are also deep-set. Our goal is to visually increase the space between your eyes so the extension should occur in the outer corner.

6. Open up eyebrows. Once you beef up your skills of using an eyeliner and applying false eyelashes, don’t forget to take care of your eyebrows. Your rule of thumb here is to simply pluck the extra hairs slightly away from the inner corner (closest to your nose gap) and possibly extend the brow line in the outer corners using an eyebrow pencil or shadow kit. This extension will visually elongate your eye and increase the space between your eyes.

7. Use a highlighter or light colored eyeliner or eyeshadows in the inner corner of the eye and waterline. When completing your eye makeup look with your best lashes for close-set eyes, consider turning to lighter eyeshadows or eyeliner for the inner half of your eyelid and waterline. When strategically placed in the inner corner of your eyes on both upper and lower lash lines (basically in a < shape around the inner corner point), the shimmery white or silver or light gold (or any other light shade for that matter) colour will pop forward and will visually move your eyes away from the nose. White or nude eye pencils would work well on the waterline.

8. Use my Old Hollywood trick for a more natural effect. This eye makeup trick makes your best lashes for close set eyes appear as though they are growing out of your eyelids just like Ally Brooke grew out of the X-Factor and went on to become a star that she is! The trick involves rolling your eye pencil from the top of your eyelid down over the lash band.  Get step-by-step instructions in my #8 of the “Mink False Eyelashes Tips & Hacks from the Minki Lashes Queen” article.

Best Mink Lashes for Close-Set Eyes - Recommended by Minki Lashes

1 crown – feel free to experiment but typically, opt for other styles

2 crowns – it’s a “maybe” style and should work well for many users

3 crowns – it’s a tried and tested “yes” style for most users

Best Lashes Close Set Eyes

#RoyalSinner (Classic & High-Class)

These are some of the absolutely best lashes for close-set eyes if you are looking to visually open up your eyes and create a sassy cat eye effect. These are a real classic for nearly all eye shapes! They feature the optimal length, realistic-looking criss-cross lash pattern, C-curvature to visually uplift the eyes, and a slightly denser outer corner that is also slightly longer than the inner corner but natural flowing enough to work for wide set eyes. I personally go for the classic length for myself, but the High-Class version is perfect for evening makeup looks!


Ally Brooke’s fun personality is perfect for this lash, and so are you! Feel free to experiment with #RoyalFlirt when trying more fun eye makeup ideas. The shorter-longer crisscross pattern makes for a perfect weapon for flirting or conquering your fans! Also, the fact that the fur length is noticeably longer from the middle to the outer corner of the lash, is ideal for the cat eye effect that is needed to visually space out your close-set eyes.

#BarelyBaroness (Classic & High-Class)

This is a fav entry-level lash that is not too dense so it looks ultra natural and lightweight. Because of its short-long pattern, it gives a bit of a doll-like effect that opens up the eye. Worn by Miss Globe 2015 Ann Colis in the High-Class (longer) version in our exclusive luxury photoshoot organized and sponsored by Minki Lashes, this is a must-have for all eye shapes and are one of the best lashes for close set eyes.


I consider these to be Minki Lashes’ performing artist’s go-to style and one of the best lashes for close set eyes! Celebrities such as Sierra from the X Factor among others, picked #MinkMajesty as their style of choice at a Grammy’s Celebrity Gifting Lounge in 2017. This style works well for most any eye shapes for those who want a more dramatic yet natural-looking effect. They are also more voluminous and dense than #RoyalSinner and fluffier than #DamnNearRoyalty or #SultanaCanadiana.


This style has a more natural curve and it is generally a very popular style among celebrities such as Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony. It is one of our best sellers because it’s our own genuine mink version of one of the industry’s best-known Ardell Wispies that are loved for their clustered look. Ardell’s are made of coated human hair/synthetics though that look way faker than Minki, so it’s no surprise that Ardell’s fans are switching to the Minki Lashes version. #TeaseMarquise! with its “bushy clusters” is a solid candidate for the best lashes for close set eyes award.


This style is a great choice for the best lashes for close set eyes! Thanks to their angled mink strands, they provide a cat eye effect like no other lash on the market!



These are NOT the best lashes for close-set eyes unless for those who seek a doe eye effect (maybe for Halloween?). The longer mink fur strands in the middle of the lash accentuate the iris of your eye that looks more open and round. And while it does offer that Adele-esque and Lana Del Rey-esque look of dense falsies, my advice is to skip this one in favour of #SultanaCanadiana if you are looking for density.

#SiberianPrincess (Classic & High-Class)

Similarly to #RoyalSinner, these are in our top 5 best lashes for close-set eyes. They have the same crisscross pattern and nearly the same curvature as #RoyalSinner. By contrast, they are a bit more dense with the high-grade Siberian mink fur eyelashes evenly spread out across the lash band instead of the outer half. The Classic length is commonly all you need to make an impact already, however, the High-Class version is the best lashes for close-set eyes for those who need that extra extravagant oomph.


These could be your best lashes for close-set eyes if you have bigger eyes and want lightweight yet dramatically long lashes for a special occasion or a stage performance or a TV appearance… While they are nicely curved and feature a relatively similar length from middle lash towards the outer corner, I would not recommend this style for most people with close-set eyes or for those with small eyes.