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Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes - Expert Style Fit Guide - Minki Lashes - Best Mink Eyelashes
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Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes – Expert Style Fit Guide

Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

In Search for the Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes

If your eyelids look similar to mine (in the photo above) or that of Jennifer Lawrence, you have hooded eyes. And if you’re on the mission to find out what the best lashes for hooded eyes are without spending a fortune on trying a gazillion of different products, simply use my expert style fit guide to quickly determine what effect you’d like your eyes to get from your falsies.

To be honest, it wasn’t until I started using Minki Lashes that I even realized that my eye shape was a hooded one. It’s just that sometimes (on a really good day) the flap that covers the crease on my eyelids doesn’t look as hooded and you can even see a bit of the crease. And other times (especially when I wake up more tired), the lids look puffier, which makes my eyes look smaller. So it kept me a bit puzzled for awhile.

However, as I was testing numerous falsies at the time of the big plunge into the Minki Lashes business, I was surprised to notice that the best lashes for hooded eyes in terms of style and fit turned out in some cases to be not what I expected!

Read on to find out which Minki lash styles have become my personal favorites, which are the most flattering for this ‘bedroom eyes’ shape, and which styles you may want to avoid if you want to make your eyes pop!

But first, let’s start with some basic tips for hooded eyes:

Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes - Tips & Tricks

  1. Choose lash styles that are more curved. Avoid J-curvature lashes as they will look more straight and will not do anything for covering the hooded skin flap. C-curvature falsies are your optimal best lashes for hooded eyes but may require you to use an eyelash curler on your own lashes before applying false eyelashes.
  2. Choose lash styles that are either longer in the outer corner or in the middle. Longer lashes in the outer corner will help to cover the excess hooded skin in the most visible part of the eyelid (since your eyebrows are typically raised in the outer corner). Longer lashes in the middle of the lash band will open up your eyes for a doe-eye effect.
  3. Apply a thinner line of eyeliner under falsies. Applying black eyeliner as a base coat to your new real mink lashes is typically a standard procedure for lash wearers, however, try to make it as narrow as possible. The thicker the black line on your top eyelid, the more sunk-in the eye will inevitably appear underneath the hood of the lid. Black eyeliner is usually applied to help mask the gap between your own natural eyelashes and your new best lashes for hooded eyes, as well as any accidental dried glue situations. If anything, you should be applying darker eyeshadows on the part of the eyelid right above the crease, to visually bring the hood backward.
  4. For advanced users: consider skipping black eyeliner in the middle of the top eyelid. This may seem like a strange suggestion that leaves an empty gap in your eyeliner, but once you beef up your skills of applying false eyelashes, you’ll be glad you did! Personally, I use the black eyeliner strictly in the inner and outer corners of the eyelids. The first will visually extend and balance out the lash line since your cruelty-free mink fur eyelashes will naturally look like you’re wearing eyeliner, because of the black lash band. The eyeliner in the outer corner will help mask the common mini-gap between your own lash line and your new best lashes for hooded eyes, a spot that is one of the trickiest in the lash application process that often requires an extra coat of glue. As well, eyeliner in the outer corner can create a winged effect that visually elongates the eye.
  5. Use my Old Hollywood trick to roll excess skin over the lash band. This one might catch you by surprise, but it totally works and makes your best lashes for hooded eyes appear as though they are growing right out of your eyelids! So it’s a win-win as it also gently pulls some of your excess hooded skin below the crease of your eyelid. The trick involves rolling your eye pencil from the top of your eyelid down over the lash band.  You can find more instructions and an image of what it looks like, in my #8 of the “Mink False Eyelashes Tips & Hacks from the Minki Lashes Queen” article.
  6. Use bright or sparkly eyeliner instead of eyeshadows. When completing your eye makeup look, most people turn to eyeshadows. But I say “skip it and use a sparkly fun eyeliner instead!”. I normally skip eyeshadows because not only do they always end up creasing in my hooded eye below the puffy outer corner flap, but I find that Minki Lashes provide all the drama my eyes nee. And actually, clean natural eye area looks best on camera. I can attest since I deal with a lot of media in the city of Toronto, and get photographed quite a bit while out and about various local events.
  7. Wash and dry your own lashes upward. This easy best lashes for hooded eyes tip might surprise you. When washing and drying your own natural eyelashes, do it in an upward motion as to help curl them. If your fringe is flexible and soft (vs more stubborn), this trick will slightly raise and visually extend your lashes. This will, in turn, help your Siberian mink eyelashes blend better with your own.

Best Mink Lashes for Hooded Eyes - Recommended by Minki Lashes

1 crown – feel free to experiment but typically, opt for other styles

2 crowns – it’s a “maybe” style and should work well for many users

3 crowns – it’s a tried and tested “yes” style for most users

Best Mink Lashes for Hooded Eyes


I consider these to be Minki Lashes’ miracle style. Royalty-worthy! These are not only my personal best lashes for hooded eyes, but I find that they look great on pretty much any eye shape. They just have that perfect C-curvature (50-60 degrees angle curve) and are voluminous and dense but it’s a fluttery lightweight density, unlike #DamnNearRoyalty or #SultanaCanadiana.


I normally would say that #DamnNearRoyalty is a more optimal choice for higher density best lashes for hooded eyes because they are more curved and are longer in the middle. However, as you can see from the image below, #SultanaCanadiana actually looks quite interesting and also works for the bedroom eye shape.

Typically, the B curvature of the #SultanaCanadiana mink lash, that closely mimics the natural eyelash curve, often causes the falsies to be less noticeable from a small distance, hence not benefitting the hooded eye situation. However, the longer, lower placed and diagonally angled lashes in the outer corner tend to draw attention away from the hood of the eye to the outer corner and the bottom eyelid. The eye appears longer and a bit more down turned. And the longer and lower placed outer lashes actually help to create an illusion of a rounder eye since the outer corner looks lowered now. This lash is a sultry surprise with a touch of innocence, that’s for sure!


These are the best lashes for hooded eyes for a doe eye effect. The longer mink fur strands are placed in the middle on the lash, with equal shorter length lashes in both inner and outer corners. This style accentuates the iris of your eye that looks more open and round. This is in my top 3 go-to lash styles. It is dense so perfect as an evening eye makeup companion, too.


These could be the best lashes for hooded eyes only if you have big eyes or are looking for a very dramatic length… For example, if you are a performer on stage and wish to make your lashes stand out for photographers to catch. For small eyes, these are simply too long although not very dense. They are , however, nicely curved so they are suitable for large hooded eyes. I rarely wear this style personally; mostly when performing. They are a bit too long for my small head.

#RoyalSinner (Classic & High-Class)

Well, these could easily be crowned as the best lashes for hooded eyes! They not only have the optimal length, realistic-looking criss-cross lash pattern, a denser outer corner that is also longer than the inner corner (hence, gives a foxy effect), but also the perfect curvature that was designed to work with the hooded skin flap. I personally prefer the classic length as it provides enough drama and flirty flutter, but I’ve noticed that the High-Class version is a big hit among my Asian royal beauties!

#SiberianPrincess (Classic & High-Class)

Similarly to #RoyalSinner, these are in the top 3 best lashes for hooded eyes. The main benefit is that the longer outer corner partially covers your hooded skin flap! They have nearly the same curvature as #RoyalSinner, as well as the criss-cross pattern that mimics the natural lash growth pattern of your own eyelashes. The only difference is that they are a bit more dense with the  authentic and cruelty-free Siberian mink fur eyelashes evenly spread out across the lash band.

The High-Class version is an absolute hit with fashion runway models (it looks incredible in photos, too), but I find that for smaller hooded eyes, the Classic length is all you need.

#BarelyBaroness (Classic & High-Class)

I love-love-love this style because it’s a great entry-level lash that is not too dense so it looks ultra natural and lightweight. Because of its short-long pattern, it gives a bit of a doll-like effect, which is super cute. It certainly opens up the eye. Miss Globe 2015 Ann Colis looks stunning in the High-Class (longer) version in our exclusive luxury photoshoot organized and sponsored by Minki Lashes. NOTE: Ann is a tall young lady with bigger facial features than mine, for instance. So proportionally speaking, the High-Class length looks similar on her as the Classic length on me. I have a small face/head (just looking at group photos makes me laugh!).

#RoyalFlirt vs #TeaseMarquise

I put these 2 together here because personally, I don’t think they are the best lashes for hooded eyes. For me. My opinion is subjective because I prefer lash styles that make my eyes look rounder and more open, and these 2 styles are not as curved up as some of Minki Lashes’ other options. #TeaseMarquise is, in general, a popular style because it’s our own genuine mink version of one of the industry’s best-sellers Ardell Wispies (clustered look). Ardell’s are made of coated human hair/synthetics that look way faker than Minki, so it’s a no-brainer that Ardell’s fans are switching to Minki Lashes. Regardless, I find that #TeaseMarquise looks more effective on almond shaped eyes that are not hooded, or that are deep-set as the “bushy clusters” (haha) are not hidden behind the hooded skin fold.

Between the two, #RoyalFlirt is my personal choice when opting for a more natural eye makeup look and I like the flirty mini winged outer corner that visually elongates the eye. This cruelty-free 100% mink fur lash is very subtle and natural-looking yet will inspire compliments from others, making it a perfect everyday weapon for flirting!