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Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes Like Sierra’s From X Factor

Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes

If your eyelids look similar to Sierra Deaton’s from the X Factor US (in the photo above, pictured holding #MinkMajesty by Minki Lashes), you’ve won the unique wide set eyes lottery! And just like Sierra, you should consider yourself an exotic beauty ;). Yet, although surely exotic, this is a somewhat tricky eye shape to master for the best eye makeup looks. But don’t you worry, just like Sierra stole our hearts (together with her charming beau Alex Kinsey) when winning the third and final season of The X Factor US, you, too, can steal everyone’s hearts with your best lashes for wide set eyes!

Check out Sierra and Alex’ heart-warming performance on the X Factor in the video at the bottom of this article, and read on to find out what the best lashes for wide set eyes are before you try a multitude of different products. Keep reading to find my expert style fit guide to quickly determine which mink eyelashes styles would and wouldn’t work for your exotic eye shape.

Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes - Tips & Tricks

1. Choose lash styles that have a similar length from the middle of the lash to the outer corner. Dramatically foxy longer lashes in the outer corner will only draw more attention towards the outer corner of your eye, thus making your eyes appear even more wide set. Your best lashes for wide set eyes strategy here is to choose styles that look well rounded i.e. have a more or less same length of lash hairs between the middle and the outer corner. #MinkMajesty would be a fantastic choice for you, and it is one of the lashes worn by Sierra from X Factor.

2. Avoid lash styles that are angled towards the outer corner. As much as I love the cat eye makeup look and, consequently, the #SultanaCanadiana style of Minki Lashes, I’m afraid these are NOT the best lashes for wide set eyes. Their lash hairs are positioned at an outward angle that will, inevitably, give a widening effect to the gap between your eyes as they will draw attention closer to your outer corners.

3. Experiment with falsies that are longer in the middle of the lash or in clusters. Although it may be hit-and-miss for some of you with wide set eyes, this is certainly a better option than the angled lash styles such as #SultanaCanadiana. #DamnNearRoyalty was originally designed with hooded and/or Asian eyes in mind, so the longer lashes in the middle of the lash band give a rounder and more open eye effect. Feel free to try them – they will draw attention towards the middle of your eye. Alternatively, clustered lashes like #TeaseMarquise! or #RoyalFlirt are also up for consideration.

4. Choose a natural lash curve. You’ll need to analyze your eye shape further to assess the right lash curvature for you, and the lash effect you want to achieve (more dramatic or natural). In most cases, you will have prominent eyes. It is unlikely to have hooded eyes that are also wide set (for hooded eyes, a C-curl like in #RoyalSinner (Classic) is amazing!). However, here you have options and can experiment with more natural B-curvature lashes such as in #TeaseMarquise! that will give you a slight curl and visibility when you look at your lashes straight. C-curvature falsies, however, are many people’s go-to best lashes for wide set eyes but may require you to use an eyelash curler on your own lashes before applying fake eyelashes. #RoyalSinner, #SiberianPrincess, #BarelyBaroness, #ImpressTheEmpress and #DamnNearRoyalty are all C-curl lashes. #MinkMajesty is a perfect middle between B and C curls so will work for most people.

5. Apply dark eyeliner evenly along your upper and lower lash lines yet shorter in the outer corner. Applying black eyeliner as a base coat to your new Siberian mink eyelashes is typically a standard procedure for lash users, however, there is a catch to making your best lashes for wide set eyes work in your favor. First of all, remember that the thicker the black line on your eyelids, the more sunk-in the eye will appear, which you could carefully use to your advantage. If your wide set eyes are prominent (which is the most common case scenario… think Amanda Seyfried), then apply the eyeliner evenly along both upper and lower lids but extend the connecting point in the inner corner by a few millimetres, and do NOT extend the liner in the outer corner into a cat eye or anything that goes past your actual lash line. The cat eye effect will only widen your eyes. Our goal is to visually minimize the space between your eyes so the extension should occur in the inner corner.

6. For advanced users: consider extending your black eyeliner from the inner corner of the eye towards the nose. Once you beef up your skills of using an eyeliner and applying false eyelashes, you can try the following trick. When applying eyeliner on your top lash line, instead of connecting it to your bottom lash line, extend the line slightly away from the inner corner in the direction of your nose. This extension will visually elongate your eye and minimize the space between your eyes. Note: if you try this trick, don’t forget to apply your best lashes for wide set eyes over the new extended eyeliner in the inner corner. This requires you to place the inner corners of your false eyelashes slightly above your own natural lash line in the inner corner area.

7. Use dark colored eyeliner or eyeshadows in the inner corner of the eye. When completing your eye makeup look with your best lashes for wide set eyes, consider turning to darker eyeshadows or eyeliner. When strategically placed in the inner corner of your eyes (basically in a < shape around the inner corner point), the dark colour will recede and will visually bring your eyes closer towards the nose.

8. Remember to use my Old Hollywood trick for a more natural effect. This one might come as a surprise, but it works like a charm and makes your best lashes for wide set eyes appear as though they are growing right out of your eyelids! The trick involves rolling your eye pencil from the top of your eyelid down over the lash band.  You can find further instructions in my #8 of the “Mink False Eyelashes Tips & Hacks from the Minki Lashes Queen” article.

Best Mink Lashes for Wide Set Eyes - Recommended by Minki Lashes

1 crown – feel free to experiment but typically, opt for other styles

2 crowns – it’s a “maybe” style and should work well for many users

3 crowns – it’s a tried and tested “yes” style for most users

Best Mink Lashes for Wide Set Eyes


Although arguably not given enough recognition at times, I consider these to be Minki Lashes’ miracle style one of the best lashes for wide set eyes! Their royalty-worthiness was once again confirmed at the Grammy’s Celebrity Gift Lounge in February 2017 in Beverly Hills, California! Numerous celebrities including Sierra from the X Factor, picked #MinkMajesty as their style of choice. I find that they work for pretty much any eye shape for those who want a more dramatic yet natural-looking effect. They also have that perfect gentler version of a C-curvature (50-60 degrees angle curve) than #RoyalSinner (Classic) but are more voluminous and dense. However, it’s a fluttery lightweight density, unlike #DamnNearRoyalty or #SultanaCanadiana.

#BarelyBaroness (Classic & High-Class)

This is a great entry-level lash that is not too dense so it looks ultra natural and lightweight. Because of its short-long pattern, it gives a bit of a doll-like effect that opens up the eye. Worn by Miss Globe 2015 Ann Colis in the High-Class (longer) version in our exclusive luxury photo shoot organized and sponsored by Minki Lashes, this is a must-have for all eye shapes and are one of the best lashes for wide set eyes.

NOTE: Ann is a tall young lady with bigger facial features than mine, for instance. So proportionally speaking, if you have large protruding wide set eyes, the High-Class length might be your best option if you want a bit more oomph!


These could be your best lashes for wide set eyes if you have bigger more prominent eyes and want an impressive dramatic length yet a lightweight natural look… For example, if you are a singer on stage (like Sierra from the X Factor), or an actress on TV or have a wedding or a special event to attend. They are nicely curved and have a pretty even length throughout (except the inner corner, of course). For small eyes, however, I find these to be simply too long to look ultra natural. However, they have a medium natural density to them so it’s the length without the weight.

#RoyalSinner (Classic & High-Class)

Well, these are some of the best lashes for wide set eyes if you are looking to visually open up your eyes. These are a real classic for nearly all eye shapes! They feature the optimal length, realistic-looking criss-cross lash pattern, and a slightly denser outer corner that is also slightly longer than the inner corner but natural flowing enough to work for wide set eyes. They also have a flirtatious C-curvature that was designed to visually uplift the eyes. I personally prefer the classic length for myself, but the High-Class version would work great for larger more prominent wide set eyes, for a more dramatic effect!

#SiberianPrincess (Classic & High-Class)

Similarly to #RoyalSinner, these are in our top 5 best lashes for wide set eyes. They have the same crisscross pattern and nearly the same curvature as #RoyalSinner. The only difference is that they are a bit more dense with the 100% real and cruelty-free high-grade Siberian mink fur eyelashes evenly spread out across the lash band.

The High-Class version looks stellar in photos and is an absolute hit with fashion runway models and beauty pageant queens, as well as celebrities. I do find that typically for most eye shapes, the Classic length is all you need. However, the High-Class falsies are the best lashes for wide set eyes that are larger in size.


Feel free to experiment with #RoyalFlirt when opting for a more playful eye makeup look. The shorter-longer crisscross pattern makes for a perfect everyday or weekend weapon for flirting! However, note that the fur length is noticeably longer from the middle to the outer corner of the lash, so make sure you use my tip #6 about extending the inner corner with your eyeliner, in order to turn this style into your best lashes for wide set eyes.


This style has a more natural curve and is not as curved up as some of Minki Lashes’ other options. It is generally a very popular style (celebrities such as Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony, love it!) and one of our best sellers because it’s our own genuine mink version of one of the industry’s best-reviewed Ardell Wispies that are loved for their clustered look. Ardell’s are made of coated human hair/synthetics though that look way faker than Minki, so it’s no surprise that Ardell’s fans are switching to the Minki Lashes version. #TeaseMarquise! with its “bushy clusters” looks great on prominent, deep set, almond shaped eyes, and are also some of the best lashes for wide set eyes.


As mentioned earlier, this style is NOT the right choice for the best lashes for wide set eyes but rather close set eyes! As such, my advice is to skip this one. If you like the overall Adele-esque and Lana Del Rey-esque look of dense falsies, then #DamnNearRoyalty is a better choice for you between the two because they are more curved and longer in the middle.


These are the best lashes for those who seek a doe eye effect. The longer mink fur strands are placed in the middle on the lash, with equal shorter length lashes in both inner and outer corners. This style accentuates the iris of your eye that looks more open and round. Make sure to line your top and bottom lash lines with a dark eyeliner to effectively make this style your best lashes for wide set eyes.