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Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes Like Ally Brooke from Fifth Harmony

Best Lashes for Close Set Eyes
If you ever felt not-so-excited about your close-set eyes shape and weren't sure how to effectively apply makeup as to make your eyes "pop", worry no more and take inspiration from one of the most confident close-set eyed beauties in the music biz, Ally Brooke from the female group Fifth Harmony that finished third in the second season (2012) of the American TV singing competition The X Factor. I had the pleasure of meeting Ally in person at the Grammy Celebrity Gifting Lounge in February 2017, and can tell you that she not only puts "pop" in her Pop-R&B music, but also in her best lashes for close set eyes and eye makeup looks! As she mentioned in her interview with The Coveteur magazine, she loves the way false...

Best False Eyelashes for Asian Eyes: Comprehensive Guide

Best False Eyelashes for Asian Eyes
Best false eyelashes for Asian eyes may seem pretty easy to select with so much variety on the market today and Asian ladies being a fast growing consumer base for the reason of mother nature, well, not blessing many of them with a full luscious fringe... However, things tend to get tricky in real life because, with small Asian eyes, cheap quality falsies might appear too obviously fake and caterpillar-like, which is probably not the look my elegant royal Minki customers typically go for. First thing first, let's go over the basic facts and challenges associated with Asian eyes. Afterward, keep reading for my expert style fit guide and best false eyelashes application and wear tips and tricks. I must warn you: this is arguably the most comprehensive...

Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes Like Sierra’s From X Factor

Best Lashes for Wide Set Eyes
If your eyelids look similar to Sierra Deaton's from the X Factor US (in the photo above, pictured holding #MinkMajesty by Minki Lashes), you've won the unique wide set eyes lottery! And just like Sierra, you should consider yourself an exotic beauty ;). Yet, although surely exotic, this is a somewhat tricky eye shape to master for the best eye makeup looks. But don't you worry, just like Sierra stole our hearts (together with her charming beau Alex Kinsey) when winning the third and final season of The X Factor US, you, too, can steal everyone's hearts with your best lashes for wide set eyes! Check out Sierra and Alex' heart-warming performance on the X Factor in the video at the bottom of this article,...

Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes – Expert Style Fit Guide

Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes
In Search for the Best Lashes for Hooded Eyes If your eyelids look similar to mine (in the photo above) or that of Jennifer Lawrence, you have hooded eyes. And if you're on the mission to find out what the best lashes for hooded eyes are without spending a fortune on trying a gazillion of different products, simply use my expert style fit guide to quickly determine what effect you'd like your eyes to get from your falsies. To be honest, it wasn't until I started using Minki Lashes that I even realized that my eye shape was a hooded one. It's just that sometimes (on a really good day) the flap that covers the crease on my eyelids doesn't look as hooded and you can even...

Minki Lashes and Miss Globe Featured in Waterfront Magazine

  • Minki Lashes Miss Globe
  • Minki Lashes Waterfront Magazine
  • Miss Globe Waterfront Magazine
Queen Ann in Euro Glam The moment our team stepped inside Cambria’s state-of-the-art Toronto showroom for a luxurious photoshoot with the lovely Ann Colis, Miss Globe 2015, I knew it was the perfect space for our European elegance theme. You see, the 2 precious gowns Canada’s very own Stephan Caras has kindly provided us with for this project, made me nostalgic about Europe, so the inspiration for the shoot came very naturally to me… Stephan, celebrity fashion designer extraordinaire originally from Greece; Anthony Glam, a photographer from Italy who earned a nickname of DaVinci of Light for his outstanding manipulation of light to give a 3 dimensional effect to photo subjects; and myself, Russian-born who lived in France for 6 months back in the day…...

Your Best Wedding Day Makeup Secret: Minki Lashes!

Wedding Day Makeup
Your wedding day makeup isn't complete without a pair of luxurious Minki Lashes! In January 2016, we showcased our 100% real Siberian mink eyelashes at Canada's Bridal Show and National Bridal Show in Toronto, Canada. Excited brides and their bridesmaids were excited to grab the best eyelashes on the market, at an attractive discounted price*! Read on to find out which mink lash styles were our best-sellers to help you choose the right false eyelashes for your special day. We collaborated with Toronto's best known wedding photography company, Piper Studios, to bring you further discounts! Wedding Day Makeup: 4 Best-Sellers by Minki Lashes Sale! Sold Out Add to Wishlist $47.00 $32.90 #RoyalSinner Low Volume $47.00 $32.90 Add to Cart Add to Wishlist 1. #RoyalSinner (Classic): it's no...

Best Eyelashes Sponsor of Miss Globe 2015 World Finals

  • Miss Globe Ann Colis Wearing Best Eyelashes
  • Best Eyelashes on Miss Globe 2015 Runner-Ups
The Miss Globe World Finals 2015 took place on October 8, 2015 in Toronto, Canada at the beautiful Rose Theatre. Being the official silver sponsor of the event, Minki Lashes' best eyelashes were a huge hit among the famous beauty pageant contestants who flew in from different parts of the world to compete for the ruby crown and the prestigious title of Miss Globe 2015. Our real mink eyelashes also wowed the dedicated makeup-artists who were creating elegant makeup looks for over 50 gorgeous and talented young women. The Miss Globe Experience and Schedule Throughout their nearly 3 week stay at the Plaza Hotel in the Toronto East area, the beautiful contestants from all over the world were on a very tight schedule. First, they had to...