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How To Wear and Care for Mink False Lashes

How to Apply

How to Apply Minki Lashes Tutorial

Your royally glamorous eye makeup look starts with learning how to properly apply mink false lashes. Use my simple 7-step eyelash application tutorial loaded with royal tips and hacks, to help you perfect your technique for a seamless and natural-looking appearance. Don’t skip this tutorial as applying mink false lashes requires a slightly different procedure than your conventional cheap drugstore lashes.

13 Deadly Sins to Avoid!

Mink Lashes Sins to Avoid

You may be a glamorous royal sinner while wearing your seductive #RoyalSinner style of Minki Lashes, but make sure not to commit these 13 deadly sins with your mink false lashes! From a common lash glue application, handling and strip lash storage mistakes to no-no’s of products on lashes (mascara, curlers and more), my list of 13 deadly sins will help you prolong the life of your glamorous dramatic mink false lashes.

Why Is Minki Lashes the World's Most Natural-Looking False Eyelash Brand?

How to Remove & Clean

How to Remove and Clean Mink Lashes

Use this step-by-step tutorial on how to remove and clean mink false lashes for future reuse safely without compromising the shaggy curl. As an added bonus, I’ve included a royally clever trick on how to wash your Minki Lashes in case you accidentally drop them on the floor or need an emergency wash of the entire lash strip from top to bottom including the shaggy tips that should otherwise stay intact.

10 Royal Tips & Hacks

Mink False Lashes Tips and Hacks

Now that you know how to apply Minki Lashes and that mink false lashes application is slightly different from what you are used to with conventional cheap drugstore eyelashes, it’s time for more goodies for both mink lash newbies and more advanced users!

Check out my favourite mink false lashes tips and hacks to help you facilitate and speed up your lash application process and improve your lash wearing experience.

Learn how to rescue your dramatic Minki Lashes from lash glue drips, the kind of mirror you should be using, how to make a lash crown, how to secure the (annoying) lash corners from un-gluing, and more!

I also share my very popular Old Hollywood trick and the Royal Tightlighning trick that everyone should be using as part of the mink false lashes application process!

I even got an SOS goodie for you if you run into a royal “pickle”situation requiring an emergency curling ‘session’ for your Minki Lashes!

What Are Siberian Mink Eyelashes?

Have Questions About Minki Lashes?