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Mink Eyelash Care – 13 Deadly Sins To Avoid With Minki Lashes!

The only “royal” sin you should be committing at this point is …having fun wearing your #RoyalSinner lash style ;). Other than that, please avoid the following to ensure that your envy-worthy Minki Lashes continue to impress you and everyone else in your empire:

No Mascara on Mink Lashes

1. Mascara on Fake Eyelashes

As long as you don’t put mascara or any other products directly on Minki Lashes’ fur strands, they will last a long time and remain as reusable eyelashes, making your mink eyelash care a breeze. Eyeliner on the Minki Lashes base is OK as it will wash off when you clean the mink lash strip after each use.

2. Clumpy or Volumizing Mascara on Your Own Top Eyelashes

Piling on a thick layer of your favourite go-to thickening mascara will not only give away your royal beauty secret (that you’re wearing false lashes, that is!) by making your own eyelashes more noticeable under the delicate Minki Lashes, but they will also add the unnecessary extra weight to your eyelid…Just because Minki Lashes’ 100% Siberian mink fur eyelashes are up to 3 times more lightweight than other types of strip lashes on the market doesn’t mean you should spoil your enjoyment of having red carpet worthy eyes with a messy and heavy mascara underneath!

No Spider Lashes with Mink Eyelashes
No Clamp Eyelash Curler on Mink Lashes

3. Clamp Eyelash Curler

Only a heated eyelash curler is safe to use with 100% mink lashes. Clamp eyelash curlers can potentially damage the delicate shaggy curl or even accidentally cramp it. A good heated eyelash curler is easy to use (using mascara application-like motion) and helps to blend your own eyelashes with Minki Lashes by naturally uplifting both.

4. Pulling or Tugging

Just because 100% Siberian mink lash fur is durable and long-lasting doesn’t mean that the construction of the delicate handmade eyelash strip is designed to withstand experimental (or even accidental) torture! Remove the mink strip lashes from their tray or your eyelids by gently peeling off the outer corners of the lash band at the base. Basic mink eyelash care tip: Don’t ever pull on the actual fur hairs!

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No Toxic Allergenic Eyelash Glue

5. Allergenic Eyelash Glue

Your Royal Eyeness should by now be well aware of the toxic cosmetic ingredient dangers to health, so I want to remind you to always read the ingredient label on the eyelash glue packaging before buying it, and referring to SKIN DEEP ‘s website to help you assess the toxicity and potential allergen levels of those ingredients. Remember that the majority of cases of people having an adverse reaction to anything from cheap fake eyelashes to even the best false eyelashes on the market such as Minki Lashes is actually not from the lash itself but from the eyelash adhesive used (or improper mink eyelash care in general). Always do a patch test when trying a new type of eyelash glue to ensure that your skin does not react to it.

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6. Soaking Mink Fur Eyelashes

You should only be quickly rinsing the lash band while trying not to get any water onto the shaggy lash tips. While high quality genuine mink lashes are treated to keep their shaggy curl, any excess water, and especially soaking, will contribute to them losing their shape because this is a natural 100% mink fur product (vs ecologically UNfriendly synthetic!). An easy and effective mink eyelash care tip: use a Q tip to rinse or disinfect the lash band.

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Mink Eyelash Care No Soaking
No Oily Products on Minki Lashes

7. Oil-Based Products

This is a big mink eyelash care  ‘no-no’ as any oil residue will inevitably repel your eyelash glue from sticking to your mink eyelash band at your next lash application. Also, don’t forget to read your other eye makeup product labels as to ensure that they do not contain oil either.

8. Harsh Chemicals

Neither your eyes nor your natural false eyelashes by Minki Lashes need to absorb extra chemicals that are harmful for both your skin health and the environment! Use a fragrance-free gentle soap or water-based cleanser and water to clean the lash band with a Q tip. I also recommend going an extra step and disinfecting your lash band after each cleaning with a bit of natural alcohol-free witch hazel distillate (using a Q-tip). Royalty-worthy mink eyelash care is essentially an extension of your general skin health.

No Chemicals on Mink Eyelashes
False Eyelash Glue Care

9. Letting the Glue Sit In

Remove the eyelash glue as promptly as possible after taking off the 100% mink strip lashes. The longer the lash strip sits on the lash tray uncleaned, the stickier and gooyer it will become, making it more difficult to remove the glue residue later on and making your mink eyelash care a more challenging process. And your Royal Eyeness cannot fool me: I know that it’s very likely that you will come home nearly sleepwalking after a wild night of partying or even a high-glam elite event at the royal palace or your BFF’s wedding…You’ll place your Minki Lashes on its tray but won’t clean them the same night. Just promise me that you’ll do it the next morning :). Thank you, Ma’am!

10. Storing Without Minki Lashes Container

You don’t want the dust or bacteria to compromise not only the quality of mink fur hairs, but also potentially your health. Minki Lashes’s compact and convenient-for-traveling packaging features a mink eyelash care – friendly magnetic lid, making it super easy for your Royal Lashness to ensure that your luxurious fringe stays clean and retains its shape.

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Mink Fur Eyelashes Care

11. Handling Mink Fur Eyelashes with Unwashed Hands!

Sanitation is key when it comes to  mink eyelash care, reusable eyelashes and other luxury beauty products in general. I recommend using fragrance-free natural non drying soaps or non toxic water-based cleansers to wash your hands and your Minki lash band. I’ll point out the obvious one last time: unwashed hands collect bacteria and skin oil residue, and you want to avoid both as they may compromise your skin health and the health of your fancy falsies.

12. Swimming, In-Water Photoshoots or Dancing in the Rain!

This may seem like a “duh” moment to many people, but let me remind all my Royal Minkiholics once again: strip lashes, whether they are made of synthetic, human hair, faux mink or genuine mink materials, are NOT waterproof and with a significant amount of water WILL start to come off, not to mention that mink fur will lose its shape. If you don’t believe me – try splashing a few buckets of water over your face. I’ve no idea why you would do that to a $39 pair of the best false eyelashes on the market, but hey…I ain’t judging your royal joy moments!

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Remove Fake Lashes Before Bed

13. Sleeping in False Eyelashes

You wouldn’t sleep in other cheap synthetic false eyelashes (sleeping in plastic ain’t fantastic and can potentially damage your eyes!), and you also wouldn’t sleep in a (vintage) mink coat (cause vintage doesn’t require animal cruelty!) to avoid ruining its shape and luxurious glow. So the ANSWER to your “can you sleep in false eyelashes by Minki Lashes?” question is a simple “NO WAY!” Minki Lashes should be removed and stored in their convenient casing nightly before going to sleep.