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Why Are Minki Lashes The Best Fake Eyelashes to Buy? - Minki Lashes - Best Mink Eyelashes

Why Are Minki Lashes the Best Fake Eyelashes to Buy? 10 Reasons!

Best Fake Eyelashes to Buy

* Photo credit: www.capricesalon.com

So your Royal Eyeness found yourself on this Minki Lashes website wondering what all the buzz is about and why they are worth the investment vs all those cheap drugstore false eyelashes that everyone had worn for ages! Since JLo’s and Madonna’s infamous real mink eyelashes trend had taken Hollywood by storm, celebrities and celebrity-admirers have been switching to mink lashes and have not looked back since! Here are the 10 reasons why Minki Lashes are the best fake eyelashes to buy and why you should get your own luxurious yet affordable pair today:

1. No more spider lashes and runny mascara! Say “goodbye” to the dense and heavy volumizing and elongating mascara textures, eyelash separators, and messy clumpy looks, and say “hi” to the revolutionary eyelash length and volume that looks incredibly natural, elegant, chic and comfortable!

2. Amazing value! With proper care, Minki Lashes are long-lasting and reusable up to 25 times, which makes the per wear cost nearly as low as cheap drugstore false eyelashes you are used to purchasing…but the look and feel are so much more superior! The best fake eyelashes to buy and make you feel like royalty at a cost of 1 cup of coffee a day? Hail to the Minki Lashes Queen!

3. Minki Lashes are made of 100% authentic and cruelty-free Siberian mink fur of the highest grade available on the market. Yes, the best fake eyelashes to buy can be fashionably responsible!

4. It’s your best beauty secret. Minki Lashes are so natural-looking thanks to their tapered tips and shaggy curl that even when you wear the most dramatic eyelash style from my royalty-worthy collection, no one will tell that you are actually wearing falsies. Don’t be surprised when you find your Prince Charming complimenting you on your beauty…and your girlfriends asking you “are those real?”

5. Professional grade product created for the performing artists in mind! Being a live performer myself, I wanted to create a product that would be durable enough to last through an entire night on stage yet lightweight, comfortable and natural-looking enough to be suitable for the pre or after-party without making my eyelashes look too fake or too vulgar.

6. Minkilashes.org is an online magazine about everything related to eye makeup to not only inspire you to experiment with your new Minki Lashes and eye makeup ideas, but to also help you choose safer cosmetic products. The best fake eyelashes to buy and beauty in general don’t have to come at a cost of your health, so I help you look beautiful on the outside and feel healthier on the inside!

7. Royal treatment for your eyes. Flattering for your eye shape. Minki Lashes give you an instant eye uplift and help you choose the best eyelash styles for your particular eye shape.

8. Wedding day and special occasions go-to beauty product. There is simply no doubt that Minki Lashes are the best fake eyelashes to buy for your wedding day! They will not only naturally enhance your already beautiful facial features without overpowering them and look absolutely stunning in your wedding pictures, but they will also be lightweight enough to help you last through an entire day of bridal activities- from the wedding ceremony to the entire night of dancing at your wedding reception.

9. Personalized and friendly customer service. Valeria is here to help you and treat you like royalty so don’t hesitate to ask me a question, express your concern or reach out for advice!

10. Free shipping! Yes, for a limited time only your entire purchase is shipped for free within USA and Canada! One more reason to save gas money by avoiding driving to a drugstore to pick up cheap-looking false eyelashes. Switching to Hollywood royalty-worthy best fake eyelashes to buy by Minki Lashes couldn’t get any easier!

Minki Lashes Best Fake Eyelashes to Buy

* Photo credit: www.capricesalon.com

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