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Your Best Wedding Day Makeup Secret: Minki Lashes!

Wedding Day Makeup

Your wedding day makeup isn’t complete without a pair of luxurious Minki Lashes!

In January 2016, we showcased our 100% real Siberian mink eyelashes at Canada’s Bridal Show and National Bridal Show in Toronto, Canada. Excited brides and their bridesmaids were excited to grab the best eyelashes on the market, at an attractive discounted price*! Read on to find out which mink lash styles were our best-sellers to help you choose the right false eyelashes for your special day.

We collaborated with Toronto’s best known wedding photography company, Piper Studios, to bring you further discounts!

Wedding Day Makeup: 4 Best-Sellers by Minki Lashes

1. #RoyalSinner (Classic): it’s no surprise to see it on our list of best wedding day makeup products as this is one of our all-time best sellers in any category, really!

#RoyalSinner real mink eyelashes in a Classic length offer the optimal  12 mm length and are more curved than, lets say, our #RoyalFlirt or #TeaseMarquise styles. The shaggy curve visually opens up your eyes and provides a sinfully flirtatious opportunity to sneak in a butterfly kiss to your fiance during the bridal photo sesh! Sin your way to the altar, your Royal Lashness!

In the photo above, fashion model Wence Wong (as seen in Toronto Fashion Week) is wearing #RoyalSinner (High-Class) version of our reusable Siberian mink eyelashes. This is Wence’s favourite style.

2. #SiberianPrincess (Classic) and (High-Class) are similarly popular to #RoyalSinner since they provide a similar fluttery curve and length. In contrast to the sinner version, however, they have an evenly spread out density (#RoyalSinner has less volume in the inner half of the lash).

The High-Class version is a huge hit not only among professional wedding day makeup artists but also among fashion models (see below: model Victoria Finkle wearing #SiberianPrincess (High Class) as it looks dramatic yet natural in photographs.

Best Wedding Day Makeup

3. #MinkMajesty 100% real and cruelty-free Siberian mink fur eyelashes have the density you may want for your dramatic wedding day makeup, yet the light weight and natural soft texture you want from wearing your best eyelashes the entire day.

Personally, I love wearing these on stage while performing for hours at a time, but brides-to-be love this style because it looks incredible in photos. Just look at our photo session samples with Ann Colis, Miss Globe 2015 where her #MinkMajesty steal the show!

4. #DamnNearRoyalty is damn perfect for brides with hooded eyes and… well, Adele fans! haha Yep, they have a similar density as the superstar’s preferred thick lash style, but a more natural and elegant non-fake look.

#DamnNearRoyalty are a bit longer in the middle, which makes them ideal for hooded eye shape and wedding day makeup looks that require achieving more round and doll-like effect.

*Note: The bridal discount promotion is now expired. Please check back for future offers and discount coupons.